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Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Hello! If you're reading this, you have likely stumbled here from social media, have heard about what I do from a friend, coach or colleague - or more likely than not, you've been pestered by me to check out my website. Regardless of how you got here, I am glad you found this digital space. For those who know me more personally, you already know the reasons as to why I started this endeavor to become a personal trainer and athletic coach. But for those who are just popping in, here's a bit of a longer origin story. My journey into fitness began as an awkward teenager who's self confidence was shattered after a bad break-up. In a naïve effort to take my mind off things, I bought a membership at the local community center gym and followed a workout program that my math tutor had provided. Within months, I began to see results in my physique and the external changes that it brought socially. In turn I experienced a lot of positive growth, but also gained some toxic habits. I tied my identity to muscle mass and body fat percentages and obsessed about how my body looked, rather than how my body felt.

This obsession followed me through university, to the point where I felt that I had to go to the gym. It had become a negative force that held a grasp on me. It took injury after injury and a diagnosis of overtraining syndrome for me to realize that the original motivations of chasing aesthetics and numbers would lead to anything but health. I began to look at a more holistic approach to health and fitness and took a critical approach to training methodology and goal setting. What I found was that the majority of the goals that we tend to set are based on a set narrative proposed to us by fitness magazines and gyms that promote a product. The negative reinforcement of telling us that we're too weak, or that we need to lose weight forces us into unsustainable habits and mental health problems, as what is advertised is often unattainable for medical and economic reasons. I had fallen into the same trap, and I intended to build a perspective to counter this problem. I took a break from hitting the gym every day and instead began to build more simple workouts at home - no machines, no weights. By creating restrictions, it forced me to become creative with movements and to break down my routines at the fundamental level. Out of this came a hundred day challenge, where I posted a different body weight movement on social media in order to spread awareness that no matter what level of fitness, and no matter what access to equipment you had - you could still pursue a habit of keeping strong and healthy. The positive feedback that I received inspired me to pursue a career as a personal trainer and has allowed me to develop into athletic coaching as well. I found my ikigai in helping others build the best versions of themselves. Today, I work with the goal to educate people about fitness for every day function, longevity and happiness. Having made all the mistakes myself, I want to be able to help guide people to more positive goal setting. Fitness is not about a six week weight loss program, it is a lifelong journey for self improvement and continual growth. It is a long term investment in building not only your physical capacity, but your internal self.

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